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Forgiveness and 3Rs

SouLove: On Forgiveness Workshop (4 hours)

We all need forgiveness in our lives. To be able to fully forgive ourselves and others is essential in the path towards transformative healing. This workshop will teach you how to practice the Ho’Oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness ritual to help you let go of past and present hurts so that you can heal yourself and be free and empowered.

SouLove: Releasing the 3Rs Workshop (resentment, rejection and regret) (4 hours)

Prerequisite: On Forgiveness
Releasing means letting go…. It means allowing the emotions to leave you without force. It is allowing the flow of emotion to work its way out of your space. This is the second part of the On Forgiveness Workshop. In this class, we go deeper and release the 3Rs, Resentment, Regret and Rejection, that limit us from forgiving ourselves and others.


Angel Channeling and Twin Flames


SouLove: Angel Channeling Workshop (4 hours)

Learn how to channel and receive messages from your guardian angels. You will learn how to distinguish between your own thoughts and divine guidance. You will also learn how to give angel card readings to yourself and others. This class comes with a deck of Doreen Virtue’s Healing with Angels Cards.

SouLove: Soulmates and Twin Flames Workshop ( 4 hours)

Learn the role of karma and the law of attraction and how they create your romantic relationships. We will talk about the differences between twin flames and soulmates. You will learn the steps needed to prepare yourself for a new romantic relationship and how to manifest a romantic partner



The concept of self-love is what Lia ignites in you.

The saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” But to become that, you must begin with yourself. And the moment you open yourself to this life-changing idea is when the amazing journey begins. Your perspective shifts and all of a sudden the world around you is so much better because you, yourself, are changing for the better.

Advertising and PR


SouLove: WellBeing Workshop (6 hours)

Experience and learn how you can integrate wellness into your everyday life and create well-being in body, mind and soul.

Learn to love your body, to nurture it with food that heals because what you put into your body will greatly influence how your body, looks, feels and functions.

Your mind and what you believe will determine your happiness. Experience how you can heal negative thought patterns and release limiting beliefs through healing.

Your soul is your divine self, healing the soul only means being in touch, one and whole with the divine within you.




SouLove: Healthy Kitchen Workshop (4 hours)

Processed food currently makes up for 50-70% of the average person’s diet. Did you know that with the proper food intake, one would never need to diet ever again?

Diets are fads, mindful and conscious eating is what creates a happy, healthy, vibrant and thriving body and life in general. You can be healthy, happy, and love your body with the correct food intake alone.

This workshop will teach you how to incorporate local super foods into your diet so that eating healthy does not have to be expensive. We will also teach you how to shop for healthy food and how to make easy to prepare healthy dishes at home.

Knowledge is the first step, we have done all the research so all you need to do is take the class and start your healthy kitchen lifestyle right now.

Want to host a workshop

Want to host a workshop?

You can host a SouLove Workshop in your city or venue. Click on the link below to send me an email and I’ll send you more details. I am excited to partner up with you and spread SouLove.


SouLove: Natural Beauty (4 hours)

Make your own skin care products with everyday items you have at home.

You can create products that are so pure, you can literally eat them.

Your skin in your body’s largest organ, it is important to nourish it with food and moisturizing products that are pure and natural so that you can have healthy, glowing and amazing skin on your face and body.


Visualization and Meditation


SouLove: Creative Visualization and Vision Board Workshop (3 hours)

Imagine being able to create your own reality. Imagine that what ever it is you visualize can actually be what is. Creative Visualization enables you to use your imagination and create clearly in your mind what you want to happen as if it is already happening.

Understand how to use the power of creative visualization to create and manifest the life you want and create your own Vision Board. This is a great way to start the year right and manifest what you want.

SouLove Basic Meditation Class (2 hours)

Learn basic meditation techniques that will help bring about peace, health, harmony, love and stillness within. Experience and learn the value of meditation as you are taught how to meditate with ease and grace and how to instill it in your life as part of your everyday practice.

Ready to host a workshop

Ready to host a workshop?

Click on the link below to tell me about it and lets connect.