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SouLove Healing Sessions

SouLove Sessions

Each healing session is different because each individual is different. As we work together we release limiting beliefs, trauma, fears, resentment, anger and negative emotions that no longer serve your higher purpose.

You will learn how to love, understand and accept yourself in all facets. You will heal and move forward towards the life you desire.


Primary goal

The primary goal of our healing sessions will focus on living your life in SouLove.

This means living on your chosen soul’s path, purpose and mission with clarity, ease and grace. Living from SouLove means knowing your life’s purpose and living that life through guidance from your soul which is the Divine within you.

I will teach you how to do this and help you change limiting beliefs that you are subconsciously attached to that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Let us journey together so that you can create your own journey and help others find theirs.

What to expect




What to expect:

The healing modality that I use will depend on each person’s needs. No two people are alike, and as such, each healing session is designed for you as an individual.

I use Integrative Health principles and practices and generally employ food as medicine so I may ask you to add certain food elements to your diet.

My method is unique because you experience results immediately. I do not ask for your story. I believe that telling your story attaches you to your story. We take the lessons from your past experiences and move forward, this way we remove attachments to your story and your past. The sessions are about releasing attachments and creating excitement about your future so that your vision of yourself can become your reality.

In my counseling sessions I use principles of Psychoneurology wherein I use ancient spiritual practices and combine them with counseling techniques. The approach is both practical and spiritual.

I usually begin a session using the Millennium Method. The Millenium Method cards contain energetic images in the form of fractals represented by mathematical algorithms.

This will enable me to intuit the issues that are currently facing you and/or that are limiting you. The rest of the session is determined by each individual’s needs.



Lia made me believe that we are all born with the power to unleash our greatest selves.

Hers is the hand that held mine, crossing roads leading to a profound spiritual journey.

She has taught me to go beyond myself in situations that called for it, and to tap limitless potential within me that I never knew existed. Her healing is a source of insight and enlightenment that teaches inner glory and peace within oneself.

SouLove is a gift. It’s food for the soul, sustenance for the spirit and a positive transformation of the heart and mind. It is a place where hope and faith will find you, and the golden pixie dust to remind all of us that life is love and truly worth living.

PR Practitioner, Theta Healer

SouLove Healing Programs

Thriving in SouLove Program

A highly effective program that combines science and spirituality as a method to enable you to thrive in body, mind and soul from your fullest potential through self-love, self-acceptance and positive belief systems. 

*There will be a FREE 30-minute calibration with the patient before proceeding with the program.

SouLove Healing Programs

Creating Self-love Program

6 sessions in 2 months

Php 20,000

There is only one secret to a happy and fulfilled life, and that is Self-Love, yet most people are at a loss on where to even begin. This program will utilize the advanced protocols of Psychoneurology that will give you the tools needed for you to create Self-Love in your life. This is the greatest gift you will give yourself. Here, you are guided and taught how to practice self-acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness and integrate this into your daily life. Intensive belief work is done to heal any limiting beliefs that block you from living the life you have always wanted and deserve.

Life Purpose and Limitless Potential Program

4 sessions in 2 months | Pre-requisite: Creating Self-love Program

Php 12,000

Once you have invested in looking inward and learning how to love and appreciate yourself, you will find that pursuing your life purpose will be the next step. This part in your Thriving in SouLove Program is focused on the tools you will use towards living your life from your limitless potential.

Relationship Program

6 sessions in 2 months 

Php 20,000

If you want to call in a romantic soulmate into your life, this is the program for you. Use our tools to help manifest that love with another through looking within.

Relationship Rx for Couples Program

3 sessions per partner (solo) , 3 sessions as a couple

9 sessions (total) within 4 months

Php 30,000

Go beyond traditional couples counseling and experience the SouLove couples program designed for both partners. Learn how to create emotional intimacy within and with the person you love.