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Lia took my hand and the magic started!

Upon meeting Lia I was first surprised by her willingness to help and her disposition and openness. It was my first experience contacting with angels and the message she gave me changed my life! I am thankful to Lia ever since, and each time I needed help Lia has been eager to help me find my beliefs and advance in my growing path. I congratulate her on this amazing web site, I loved every part of it!!

Theta Healer /Teacher
Mexico City



My healing session with Lia redirected my spiritual intentions and goals in life back to their true path.

I was able to validate that there is something for everyone in this world through spiritual confidence affirmation and basic belief in myself. I am now able to recognise fear and doubt in myself and analyse the emotion as it arises and toss them aside with positive affirmations. I was able to recognise and that I along with everyone else in this world deserves success.

When I am currently challenged in my daily life I think back to my session with Lia which changed me. I replay our spiritual strength exercise in which I proclaimed my divine right to success and happiness in life.

Lia mentioned 2 things to me that she saw me involved in which at that time I was not involved in any way nor even put any thought into. One was love and a relationship and the other was success overseas.

At the time I was very settled in the Philippines and had no plans of leaving and I was also very happily single. Weeks and months later I met my soul mate whom I will marry soon after spending a year in the most loving relationship I have ever been in and I am living back in New York thriving in my creative business.

The most valuable take away from my session with Lia was the ability to conquer fear and open my heart.

Interior Designer
Brooklyn, New York



Lia made me believe that we are all born with the power to unleash our greatest selves.

Hers is the hand that held mine, crossing roads leading to a profound spiritual journey.

She has taught me to go beyond myself in situations that called for it, and to tap limitless potential within me that I never knew existed. Her healing is a source of insight and enlightenment that teaches inner glory and peace within oneself.

SouLove is a gift. It’s food for the soul, sustenance for the spirit and a positive transformation of the heart and mind. It is a place where hope and faith will find you, and the golden pixie dust to remind all of us that life is love and truly worth living.

PR Practitioner, Theta Healer



My life has taken a 180-degree turn since meeting Lia!

Two years ago, Lia invited me to embark on a spiritual journey which allowed me to discover my soul purpose and identity. I couldn’t have asked for a better spiritual teacher and mentor; Lia is a caring friend, a knowledgeable teacher and is a remarkable healer!

But what I truly admire and appreciate about her is that she is always encouraging, always there to help you grow and guide you into your fullest soul potential! Thanks to Lia, I am the healer I am today.

Madrid, Spain



Lia made me realize the expansiveness of my being.

She allowed me to recognize that within the void, Spirit moves.
The healing I had with her disintegrated barriers to pave the way for personal enlightenment that ultimately led me to my Life’s mission.

Spiritual Dowser



The concept of self-love is what Lia ignites in you.

The saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” But to become that, you must begin with yourself. And the moment you open yourself to this life-changing idea is when the amazing journey begins. Your perspective shifts and all of a sudden the world around you is so much better because you, yourself, are changing for the better.

Marketing Communications Specialist