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Why gratitude is good for you

In this space I will give my thoughts and insights on how to create SouLove in your life. And I am starting with the power of gratitude. By creating gratitude in your life, you can immediately feel its transformative ability to create miracles within.

Gratitude as game changer

Love is the most powerful, energetic force in the universe. What propels love? Gratitude is the most definite game changer. Gratitude will magnify anything and everything. If you focus on what you do not have, you are magnifying that, and that will become your reality. This is what happens when “nothing goes right.”

Think about it—how many times do you say, “What’s wrong with today?” or “What’s up with today?” whenever things do not go right within your day?

By focusing on what is wrong, you actually are unconsciously creating all that could possibly go wrong. The result will be a horrible day. Creating gratitude in your life is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Gratitude has the power to heal. You will become happier, nicer and will see everything from a positive perspective.

Remember, your reality and everything happening to you now is just the result of your perceptions. The easiest and fastest way to change your negative perception is to focus on gratitude. Just try this little experiment for one day, and see the difference.
There are four ways to create gratitude in your life:

1) Awaken to gratitude. From the moment you wake up, be thankful for something, anything. Be thankful you woke up, or be thankful you slept well, or try being thankful for the day that is about to happen. It doesn’t really matter what you are grateful for, but regardless of what you were thinking when you woke up, shift it to something you are grateful for.

2) Validate gratitude. Throughout the day, say thank you for every little thing that happens. You find a great parking space, say thank you. You eat something that is good, say thank you. You pay for something, say thank you for having the money to buy what you just bought, even if it is just an ice cream cone. Just say thank you for everything. It is just for one day. Focus on what you have.
Now, let’s magnify it even more. Every time you say thank you, validate gratitude further by saying, “How does it get better than this?” Say this each time without feeling guilty. Most people will not utter this phrase because of guilt. But, just try it for a day. By saying, “How does it get better than this?” you are validating abundance, gratitude and being limitless.

What is good can get better

Whatever is good can get better, whatever is happy can get happier, and whatever is awesome can get more awesome. By saying these words, you are validating gratitude and magnifying it, and in doing so, you are attracting more of what you are focusing on into your life and your reality.

3) Be gratitude. When you validate gratitude, you are reformatting your thought patterns; you are training your mind to focus on what is positive and good, and what you have vs. what you do not have. You affirm gratitude, and when you validate or affirm something, you become that which you validate.

Notice that people who have branded themselves as lucky are in fact extremely lucky. But those who say they are unlucky are in fact unlucky, right? What you validate, you become. You can shift anything that is negative in your life into something positive.
By being in gratitude, you do this so instinctively that you do not even think about it anymore. But for your one-day practice session, observe and be mindful of you becoming gratitude. Notice how you are smiling more often, and how much nicer you are becoming to others. See and observe your overall disposition—you will notice that you are lighter, more pleasant and seeing the more pleasant side of things. Your attitude becomes that of gratitude.

4) Have a gratitude journal. You can make your own with cutouts and artwork. You can buy any notebook and make it into your gratitude journal. You can even download it as an app. It does not matter how you do it; what matters is that in some way or form, you write down three things that you are grateful for every single day.
I often ask parents to do this activity with their kids. It is a great bonding activity, and it teaches children to think positively and be in gratitude. Do this every day and watch your life change almost immediately. Today, I am grateful for…

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  1. Mon Cordero says:

    Thank again sis for reminding me of these precious insights that I should long forgotten and now reconnected to in this very moment. So amazing!!! 😊👍🏼

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