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I am SouLove


Love is the universal force that is the be all and end all. There is only love and love heals the body, mind and soul.

Creating SouLove within is the term I use for individuals who have decided to answer their soul’s calling to evolve.

And in choosing to evolve, you have decided to take the most courageous and most fulfilling conscious journey towards complete love.

Love in every aspect of your being is SouLove. It is the SouLove within that will permeate every aspect of your existence physically, mentally and spiritually.

SouLove is the feeling of Oneness, wholeness, completeness and communion with ALL and still having the individuality that makes you who you uniquely are. It is about knowing your soul’s identity, purpose and mission.


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SouLove is your own unique spiritual DNA.

It is that space within where you feel completely whole and ONE with all that is.



SouLove is being perfectly in tune with yourself, those around you and the multiverse.

SouLove is being in a state of complete acceptance of who you are and living from your purest limitless potential.

SouLove allows you to soar to your highest imagination’s destinations without ever feeling lost or homeless.

SouLove means you are grounded but free to explore without restrictions or boundaries of limiting fears.

SouLove is radical self-acceptance, embracing differences and just being comfortable in your own skin.

SouLove is pure, honest, clear and concise. It is who you are and who you want to become and your role in the grander scheme of things.

Remember this… You are only limited by your fears and your beliefs. The good news is, you can change it and YOU have the power to be the change.

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SouLove is your truth, your path, and your creation.

Your soul is your internal GPS. It will guide you towards its purpose, its mission and its reason for existence. Soul Love is listening, understanding and moving towards your spiritual DNA.



My life has taken a 180-degree turn since meeting Lia!

Two years ago, Lia invited me to embark on a spiritual journey which allowed me to discover my soul purpose and identity. I couldn’t have asked for a better spiritual teacher and mentor; Lia is a caring friend, a knowledgeable teacher and is a remarkable healer!

But what I truly admire and appreciate about her is that she is always encouraging, always there to help you grow and guide you into your fullest soul potential! Thanks to Lia, I am the healer I am today.

Madrid, Spain

I am a spiritual teacher

I AM a Spiritual Teacher

I AM a teacher of life.

As a teacher, I share my knowledge and experience. I only teach what I want to master.

As a teacher I share so that others may grow. I share so that others may learn. I share so that others can know that they are not alone. I share so that others can become teachers too.

I share to expand the love within our souls. I share to inspire. I share to create and to help others create. I share to assist. I share to so that others can share too.

I teach and share what I have experienced and what I am currently learning.


I am an energy healer


I AM an energy healer

I have focused my healing practice towards spiritual growth, development and empowerment. I am certified in many different healing modalities and I use my own intuition and Divine Guidance to determine which modality will best suit my clients.

My healing philosophy is based on creating an interdependent relationship with my client so that eventually the client can be empowered to do his or her own healing.

All healing is self-healing. The pace and frequency is determined by the client based on what he or she needs. There is no set structure; the entire objective of my healing sessions is to release you from your past so that you can create your future. How quickly you achieve this is up to you. I guide you through the process; you make all the decisions.

I AM here to guide you and assist you through your spiritual evolution. I am not the answer, I am merely a guide that channels. You are the answer, you always have been the answer. I will teach you how to listen to your higher voice and create the reality you want through our healing sessions.

I do not carry you through your journey, I assist you until you can walk on your own.

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I AM your teacher, your healer, your guide towards
understanding your own Spiritual DNA.

I help you evolve into the person you are meant to be

I am Divine Channel

I am a Divine Channel

In this spiritual path I have come to realize that the universe totally supports us and that guidance is available to us at all times. I teach you how to channel messages for you and every workshop, retreat or healing session is a channeled message.

I am Divine Light

I AM ONE with all that was, is and ever will be. I am one with the Divine and all that is divine. We are all connected and we are all ONE.

Our purpose in this world is to find that divinity that is within us. It is my purpose to help others find this within themselves so that they too can help others. Because we are all connected we all have sacred contracts that we honor when we heal, counsel and teach.




ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner

Millennium Method Practitioner

FlorAlive Flower Essences Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Healer

Certified Medical Intuitive ThetaHealing®

Classes Attended:

Homeopathy for First Aid
Bach Flower Essences

* Currently attending Beurin University in California working towards a dual PhD in Psychoneurology and Integrative Health


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