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7 ways to honor yourself

We all have our own ideas on how to honor ourselves. And how you choose to do so will be very different from how another person will. That said, we’ve pulled together a few helpful tips to get you started in the practice of honoring yourself all the time—and not just for one day.

1) Have your “me” time.

This can be an hour, or two, or three, or the whole afternoon. You can even have a me day. Have a manicure, or go to the spa for a body scrub and a massage. Or do nothing at all.

If you need to pencil in the time for you to do nothing, please do so. If you are having difficulty with this idea, or are making snide remarks in your head, we encourage you to do this all the more. All your problems will still be there tomorrow, and the day after. But you will feel different. So do this for yourself.  You will thank yourself later.

2) Read a good book.

And when we say a good book, we mean something that you can get caught up in, regardless of the genre. Go ahead, pick up that romance novel. If travel books are your passion, go for it. A how-to book is still a book. Pick one up, and set aside the time to read it. In this crazy world we live in, even carving out space to read a book can be difficult, which is why we ask that you mindfully create the time for it. Allow yourself the enjoyment that comes as a good book takes you to another world and time.

3) Eat what you want to eat.

Have that chocolate cake, and enjoy every single morsel of it. Buy an ice cream cone and eat it slowly, and mindfully. And yes, you can honor yourself by eating healthy food as well. The energy of a bowl of fruit, for instance, is so powerful that it can instantly elevate your mood, and hold it there longer than processed sugar. It is all about intention. So, today, make everything about honoring yourself.

Something new

4) Join a class.

I really enjoy my Nia Technique class because it is an hour of dancing that allows me to be free. When I go to a Nia class, I see it as a gift to myself. But you can join any class—jewelry making, painting, tai chi, yoga. Because there really is something about joining a class that totally validates you as a person.

Learning something new or being with like-minded people is definitely one way you can honor yourself. You can even enroll in something that awakens your creativity. Better yet, get out of your comfort zone and join something that interests you but you feel you are not good at. You’ll be so thrilled and surprised by what you can actually do.

5) Buy an adult coloring book.

You may not realize this, but coloring is a form of meditation. So, zone out and just color.  The more immersed you become in this activity, the more you destress. Isn’t it a great way to honor yourself?

6) Spend time with friends.

Bonding with people you like can automatically lift your spirits. But all too often, we reserve this for only the most special occasions. And while it is wonderful to invite your friends over for an elaborately planned dinner, an impromptu cup of coffee or a run in the park can be just as uplifting.

The key is to choose who you really want to be with— and to make sure it really happens. We already make many concessions, and often end up spending time with people out of a sense of obligation, or due to circumstance. It’s healthy to release yourself from such pressures and, every so often, to take the time to enjoy the company of those you choose to be with.

7) Binge-watch your favorite TV series, use the expensive hand soaps you’ve been saving, go to your spinning class. The list can go on and on. And, by now, you get the picture. So go ahead, honor yourself, and be awesome!

Published on February 9, 2016 Philippine Daily Inquirer Thriving in SouLove column.

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